Vegan Leather, An Eco-Friendly Artificial Leather

What is Vegan Leather are from where is it produced? Is this a type of “Leather” or just an alternative to it? Is it eco-friendly or can be harmful to mother nature? These are some questions that appeared in your mind whenever you hear the name “Vegan Leather”. Here in this article, we are going to get the detailed answer to all these questions.

What is Vegan Leather?

Have you ever heard of or seen Vegan Leather? If you ever, you must be curious about what it is and how is it nature friendly.

Vegan Leather, which is often called artificial leather, synthetic leather, or pleather is a leather type material that is not made up of any animal skin. So it is clear that no animal is hurt to get this flexible and shiny looking stuff.

How Vegan Leather is Produced?

Vegan leather can be made up of different materials such as pineapple leaves, apple peels, crock, and recycled plastic. It can also be made up of cactus and this plant grows at very low water and care. A famous brand, Desserto proudly announced that they are getting this artificial leather from cactus. It would be very satisfying for your soul if you are a nature lover and against killing the animals to use their skin in making leather and other stuff.

Is Vegan Leather Eco-Friendly?

Vegan leather does not only make you look good and stylish, but it also makes you feel good at the same time. Since it is made up of different fruit waste and plants, no animal is hurt to get even an inch of vegan leather.

As per the study, over a billion cows, pigs, goats, alligators, sheep, dogs, and other animals are killed just to get their skin to make fine leather. This is very unethical and shameful being a human for all of us. In this way, we are putting some species in danger just for sake of some outfits and other fashion products. Vegan leather allows us to wear a thing that is not made up after harming a living being.

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Is Vegan Leather trending?

Vegan leather is capturing a big “Leather” marketing around the world. Many brands are making products and claiming proudly that these are made up of Vegan. Vegan leather is very versatile, adorable, and durable. From jackets in different colors to short black dresses, Vegan is everywhere these days.

Vegan leather is also very eco-friendly and mother nature loves it very much. Turning an animal’s skin into leather takes loads of energy and toxic minerals as well. But to get vegan from fruit waste is a different work that does not cause any harm to the planet earth at all.

Difference Between Vegan Leather and Real Leather?

When it comes to make a healthy competition between vegan leather and the real leather, we judge on some essential basis. These points include durability, pricing, weight, etc.

Vegan Leather is made up of different fruit waists, not from the hide of any animal so it makes vegan leather thinner and lightweight than the real leather. This quality makes vegan leather flexible and easy for any fashion. Because it is more lightweight than the real one, it is very easy to work with it in any situation.

Is Vegan Leather durable than the real leather? The answer can be divided into two parts here.  Vegan leather is very durable and long lasting stuff. It can be last for a long time. The jackets made by vegan leather are more durable and long lasting as compared to the shoes or bags type products. However, the best quality vegan leather is still not durable as the real leather is.

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Since vegan leather is made up artificially and seems like a plastic stuff, it is waterproof to a great extent.  This quality also makes vegan leather easily cleanable.

Vegan leather is much cheaper as compared to the real leather. Even the best quality of vegan is very much cheaper than the real one. In this way, it is cost effecting for you if you love to buy leather products.

What can be made up of Vegan Leather?

There are many products available in the markets which are made up of Vegan. These all are attractive, synthetic, stylish, and durable. You can find vegan’s made products in different colors as well. It makes it easy to pick up your favorite one.


Motorcycle Jackets are always stylish, fit, and adorable. The artificial leather added one more beauty to vegan leather jackets, eco-friendly. There is a huge range available of vegan jackets in the market these days. You can easily find a perfect vegan jacket for you in terms of fit, color, and size.

These jackets are waterproof and very long-lasting. It is very hard to identify whether it is made up of original leather or synthetic leather. To add style, lushness, and attraction to your appearance, vegan leather jackets are always a good choice.


Since vegan leather is a recyclable versatile material, many famous brands are making belts too. These belts are very flexible, durable, and beautiful. These belts can fit with any pair of pants easily and they added more style to your personality.

Different designers are also experimenting with vegans to make new stylish belts for you. As a famous brand has made up a vegan belt with the inner of bicycle tube. These innovations attract the consumer as well as help the consumer to look different and attractive.

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If you are also getting bored to see your old folded wallet, the vegan wallet is a perfect choice to swipe it right now.

These beautiful wallets are available in different colors and designs. There is space for cards, money, and other recipients too.


Just leave the cow skin purse that is made up after harming a beautiful animal and buy an attractive vegan leather purse. This apple peel’s made purses are very handy and had lots of pockets as well.


Say goodbye to old-fashioned sneakers and say hello to innovative, stylish sneakers made up of bananatex, a waterproof and durable fabric made up of banana leaves. These sneakers are long-lasting and fit to wear anytime and in any season. These vegan leather sneakers can be worn under any pants too.


Shiny, flexible, black vegan leather pants are the best choice to wear with a sultry sweater or a short beautiful top. These pants are not just environmentally friendly but also very comfortable to wear.

These are only some products among a long list of products available in the market which are made up using vegan leather. You can find skirts, bags, messenger bags, backpacks, boots, and many other things.  This product has a very positive impact on environmental change and is very eco-friendly.

Here, in this article, we tried our best to give you a summary of vegan leather, its nature, its uses, and products made of it. We hope it will help you a lot to choose between leather and this artificial synthetic leather.

You can also have an idea that which one of these harms the environment and which one supports mother-nature. Let us know if you have any queries or confusion about vegan leather.




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