What exactly is PU leather? 

It might be not easy to distinguish between PU leather and synthetic leather while searching for leather goods. Some individuals like genuine leather, while others prefer imitation leather because it is less expensive.

Synthetic leather in the form of PU leather is a popular choice. But precisely, what is PU Leather? PU leather, known as polyurethane leather, is a polymeric polymer-based imitation leather used to make furniture and shoes.

100% PU leather is deemed vegan because it is made entirely of synthetic materials. Intruder leather is a sort of PU leather that contains genuine leather with polyester covering on top.

Let’s discuss its applications and benefits in detail! 

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A Complete Guide about What is Pu Leather

Polyurethane leather is abbreviated as PU leather. In the building and engineering industries, polyurethane is frequently used. It’s a polymer that’s extremely tough, versatile, and long-lasting. For example, roofs, industrial floors, and the insides of pipes are all coated with them. 

It is a man-made biochemical mixture that has gained popularity due to its versatility and endurance. It is now also utilized to make leather. It has been firmly established during the last few years. 

PU leather is essentially a synthetic man-made leather substitute. Thus, two types of leathers are commonly referred to as PU leather. The terminology is not fixed in stone, which may cause misunderstanding.

  • 100% PU leather
  • Split leather

PU Leather vs Original Leather 

Pu Leather 

Artificial leather comes in a variety of forms, and PU leather is just one of them. PVC leather is another type of artificial leather. Some imitation leathers are also produced from natural materials like oak trees and seaweed. 

Polyurethane leather was developed to mimic the aesthetic appeal of leather without requiring the use of real animal skin. The overall texture of polyurethane leather or PU leather is similar to genuine leather, but it is often thinner. 

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Polyurethane isn’t as tough as real leather and rips more easily. But it doesn’t fracture or discolour like certain real leathers do when subjected to sunshine. It is for this reason that it is widely utilized in autos.

Original Leather 

Genuine leather comes from the hides of animals, most commonly cows, deer, and horses. The animal’s skin must be browned before being made into usable leather, which is performed in a tannery. 

There are several types of tanner techniques, the most common of which are chromium ageing and vegetable colouring. Leather is utilized in a wide range of products, including clothing, books, and furniture. 

Genuine leather has a long lifespan and develops a lovely patina over time. Genuine leather is extremely long-lasting and can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years if cared for properly. PU leather can fracture and fold after only a few years.

Durability and Quality of PU LeatherPolyurethane has a long history as a fine layer for heavy-duty and industrial applications. It typically will last for a period and does not fracture or wear down readily. 

Overall, the sturdiness and durability are quite exceptional and far superior to most synthetic leather options. That’s why it was created in the first place: to be incredibly hard and long-lasting. 

In terms of sustainability, PU leather is far superior to animal leather. Since the manufacture uses fewer resources, it is more environmentally beneficial. 

Thus, it is not as environmentally friendly as plant-based leather substitutes. It is still more environmentally friendly than traditional leather, especially when it comes to PU leather that is 100 per cent genuine.

The only drawback is that while it is adaptable, it is not as stretchable as cow leather. The elder animal hide gets, the smoother and stretcher it becomes. Pu leather retains its elasticity and suppleness in most cases.

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What are the Applications of PU Leather? 

There are several techniques to recognize the difference between PU leather and genuine leather to assist you in your furniture purchasing process.

The PU leather has a multi-dimensional appearance. The products are perfect for animal leather in terms of shape, thickness, elasticity, and durability. The goods are hygienic, lightweight, non-biodegradable, and may be used in a variety of industries.

  • Ladies and Gents Footwear 
  • Fashion Industry 
  • Purses and Hand Bags 
  • Luggage 
  • Accessories 
  • Safety Garments 
  • Safety Shoes 
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture 
  • Automobile 
  • Jewellery Box
  • Medical Field 

How to determine either it is PU leather or not? 

It’s important to know how to recognize the distinction between PU leather and real leather, based on whether you’re shopping for PU leather or genuine leather. 

If you are buying leather furniture, the most straightforward way to detect the distinction is to glance at the label. As many products may not have a label, knowing the distinctions will be helpful.

The major distinction you will notice is the price. Since PU leather is easier to build, it will be less expensive than genuine leather. The fragrance of PU leather is distinctive. Genuine leather does not have a synthetic or chemical odour. However, PU does. 

A water test can also be used to identify whether the leather is authentic or phoney. Although it’s not a good idea to test an item, you don’t own it with water. Genuine leather will soak it. Water will not be absorbed by PU leather.

You might be able to determine the distinction merely by gazing at the material if you have a good eye. Genuine leather will have some flaws and a natural texture. PU leather will appear to be counterfeit and will have a near-perfect, patterned surface.

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What are the pros and cons of PU leather? 

If you’re undecided about whether you want artificial or genuine leather, consider the advantages and disadvantages of PU leather.


  1. As it’s cheaper to manufacture, PU Leather is much less expensive than genuine leather
  2. PU leather is vegan because it is made entirely of polyurethane
  3. As PU does not retain moisture, it is easy to maintain
  4. PU leather comes in a wide range of colours and styles
  5. PU leather, unlike leather, does not dry out over time
  6. It is more sustainable because it requires fewer resources to manufacture


  1. It has the potential to appear false and manufactured
  2. It is not as airy as real leather
  3. Chemicals or plastics smells are possible
  4. It gradually wears out and cracks over time. Therefore it doesn’t last as long as genuine leather
  5. Unlike genuine leather, it can be readily punctured or torn
  6. Over time, PU leather does not acquire the same sheen or character as genuine leather
  7. As some PU leathers include genuine leather fragments, they are not all vegan


While searching for the details about what is PU leather, this article will be a huge benefit. In this write-up, I have briefly explained all about PU leather to help you determine the right quality. 

The PU leather is made by layering a coating of polyurethane on the cover of the parts of the fibre of bovine. They are left behind after creating genuine leather.

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