Types of Leather Finishes

As we all know, leather is produced from the hide of different animals such as cows, goats, pigs, horses, and many others. Finishing is a process in which animal hide is converted into the leather so we can use it for different purposes. This process determines the final surface of the leather and its properties. The process “Finishing Leather” includes coloring, waterproofing, wax dressings, and some mechanical process such as ironing and embossing.      

Types of Leather Finishes

Leather can be finished in many ways to utilize for different purposes. We can differentiate between different types of leather finishes based on texture, flexibility, colors, and some other major factors.

The most used and popular types of leather finishes are:

All of the above-mentioned types have different properties and usages.

Let’s have a look at the properties of different types of leather finishes.

Aniline leather

Aniline is the purest and most natural type of leather, which is dyed only with soluble dyes. It has all the characteristics of the hide from which it has been taken, including wrinkles and marks. You see different variations in the shades of a product made by the aniline leather as different parts of hiding may absorb different quantities of aniline dyes. This type of leather is the most expensive and classy.

It has a thin protective layer and is very sensitive in use. So if you are doing a job or business in which you are easily exposed to sun or different weather conditions, you are suggested not to buy a product made up of aniline leather at all. This type of leather demands more care and regular maintenance. 

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Semi-Aniline leather

Semi-Aniline leather is a type of leather that lies between finished and non-finished leather types. It is also dyed with soluble dyes just like aniline leather, but a thin protective layer and added little pigments. This minor addition feature makes this leather very attractive and more durable than the aniline leather. If you are going to use your leather products on an adventure or simply roughly, Semi-aniline leather is the best choice for you available. It still has marks and wrinkles on its surface.

It is more protective from sun and water than the aniline leather. So the exposure to the sun can not fade its color at all.

Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather is often called the most durable and protected leather due to its characteristics. This type of leather is protected with a complete plastic coating that makes it resistant enough against any outer effect such as water, rain, sun, and dust. This type of leather requires less care and maintenance as compared to the other types of leather.

This is the cheapest type of leather too and has no marks or wrinkles shown on its surface at all.

Embossed Leather

When leather is produced after stamping the finished hide at high temperature and pressure to make patterns, textures, and designs on its surface, then this type is called embossed leather. Mostly used embossed designs include alligator, crocodile, and different geomatics patterns.

Waxed or Oil Finished Leather

This type of leather is made after finishing the hide with wax, oil, or sometimes with the combination. This type of leather has charming visuals and colors and is very much protection against water and dust.

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Above are the key features and major differences between the different types of leather finishing. We hope this effort of us would help you a lot in identifying and choosing the best leather for you.

 What are the types of Shoe leather finishes?

The leather shoe industry is one of the biggest stakeholders in the leather industry. Leather shoes are made up of different leather finishes. The most common and popular types of leather finishes use for shoes are aniline leather, pigmented leather, wax or oil leather, suede, and nubuck. Most of these are used to make shoe uppers. The sole of the shoes is mostly made up of vegetable-tanned leather.

What are the types of leather furniture finishes?

When it comes to the type of leather furniture finishes, we may suggest Pigmented Leather is the best choice for you. It is the most durable and long-lasting type of leather so you may not be worried after buying a sofa or other furniture made up of pigmented leather. There are also some more types of leather furniture finishes as well. If you want a real leather look on your furniture, Aniline leather is here to choose from. But make sure that you can care a lot of your furniture made up of aniline leather because it is the most sensitive type of leather finish. You can also find furniture made up of Semi-Aniline leather that stands in between Aniline and pigmented leather in durability and looks.