What Is The Best Full Grain Leather Belt In 2022?

The best full-grain leather belt with a stylish, aesthetic, and robust buckle is what you need to complete your favorite dress. Despite that, it also helps to hold up your pants by cinching through your waist.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a daily use belt, check its width; it must be a top-quality belt to withstand heavy daily chores. However, if you want to get it for the party or occasional wear, any other belt can work.

Below are some products that are suitable for both occasions. Plus, you’ll find a buyer’s guider to help you select the best product on the market.

What Is The Best Leather Belt?

The best leather belt is not only a thing to cinch waistlines or hold up your pants, but it’s also a sign of fashion. Furthermore, the best full grain leather belt won’t only make you look good, but it will also keep your pants in place for years to come.

The right waist belt is not only functional, embellishes your western looks, and ties together your favorite dress code or designer outfit; it will also display your waistlines.

Also, we’ll be reviewing all the best items on sale today for both sexes, in a variety of colors, styles, and appearances.

What Is A Leather Belt?

A leather belt, as its name suggests, is a waistline belt made for pants to hold. These belts are often made with whole grain or top-grain leather, and leather belts are ¼ wide on average.

The wider the belt, the stronger it will be, or on the other hand, the strength also depends on the type of leather. Most people buy cheap belts for $2 or $3 made up of SPLIT GRAIN LEATHER that’s bad for belts.

A full-grain leather belt is dyed, polished, and then drilled with holes and finally add a robust buckle to complete the product. After that, it’ll be delivered to you.

You can loop it through loops of your pants, skirt, or dress to tighten them up to your waistband. Usually, men loop a belt counter-clockwise. And women loop clockwise.

Types Of Leather Grades:

  • Top grain leather
  • Full-grain leather
  • Corrected grain leather
  • Split grain leather
  • Genuine leather
  • Bonded leather

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Full Grain Leather Belt:
Before you opt out to get your next belt, consider these points to get the best from the rest.

Best Material For Leather Belts

The best leather belt contains full grain or top grain leather as its primary material. It lasts for ages, and even some type of leather improves with a year if cared properly with leather oil and conditioner. Similarly, if you’re looking for a belt to wear regularly, this is the type to choose.

The other type which we don’t recommend is a genuine or bonded leather belt. Usually, the primary is from scraps, or artisans glue two leather parts and sew them together to make a belt.

Even though you’ll see the label “genuine leather,” it’s way below the quality of a top-grain or full-grain leather belt.

The Perfect Size:

Check out the sizing chart before making a purchase. We recommend gauging your waist or keeping your pant’s waist size in your head. Once done, check the belt size; it should be 1-2 inches longer than the waist on your pant.

For Example: Suppose your waist size is 34 inches; in this case, opt-out for a (35 or 36 inches) long belt.


The thickness of a full-grain leather belt has an inverse relation with other belts. That said, it should be thicker than ordinary belts. But, keep in mind that it should also bend and form the perfect shape to fit your waist comfortably.

Genuine Color:

The top grain leather belt initially consists of classic black or brown color. But, you can also get other colors such as gray, tan, and navy.

Upon digging deep into the market, if you know the quality standards, you can find high-quality belts in bright, fun colors or patterns stamped into them with a glossy finish that gives your waist a stylish look.

Strong and Stylish Buckle

In addition to holding your waist in a metallic way, buckles are also a sign of style, and they can also help express your personality. More so, you can select from a range of styles.

You’ll find a frame or harness-style buckle on most products. Let’s study the buckles:
A hollow buckle is a box-frame buckle.
The plate-style buckle is the best match with rhinestones and is detachable.
Flat buckles rest against the belt.

5 Best Full Grain Leather Belts In 2021 — In-Depth Reviews

Below, there are some extraordinary belts for you. We have highly tested these belts before putting them here for you. Thus, you can either make a transaction blindly or study about them thoroughly before getting one. The choice is yours because the money is yours.

KORE Men’s Full-Grain Leather Track Belts | “Eureka” Stainless Steel Buckle

The Kore Men’s leather tracks belt consists of a 10″ track instead of 7″, making it 800%more adjustable and durable around your waist. It also helps to create over 40 size positions. It’s not holed, meaning everyone can wear this belt, as it comes with ¼ adjustment gear for a perfect fit.

On top of that, you’ll also get a solid stainless steel buckle integrated into classic full leather and double-stitched leather. The brand uses cowhide to craft these products, which gives them immense life for ages. As said earlier, it’s a one size fit, so anyone with a waist size ranging from 24″ to 54″ can wear it.


  • One size fit for all
  • Double-stitched extra thick leather
  • Plain and strong buckle
  • Available in 9 colors


  • Only for men
  • Flimsy

KORE Men’s Full-Grain Leather Track Belt | “Endeavor” Alloy Buckle

Compared to the 7″ track belts on the market, the 10″ track belt made by Kore is 800% more adjustable and durable when worn around your waist. Its material is of the same quality as the previous item, but you’ll get an Endeavor Alloy buckle for better strength at a low price.

Further, its hole less helps to create over 40 size positions. It’s not holed, meaning everyone can wear this belt, as it comes with ¼ adjustment gear for a perfect fit.

On top of that, as its primary material, full-grain cowhide is also double stitched to give you a classic feel for years to come. That said, it’s a one size fit for people with waist measurements from 24″ to 54″.


  • Spring-loaded ratchet belt buckle
  • Stylish buckle design
  • Available all America’s favorite colors
  • 1-Year material warranty


  • It doesn’t stay for long in a setting
  • Only casual wear

Double Down Leather Belt

Double Down has been in the business of crafting the best full grain leather belt for years, providing its customers complete satisfaction through a range of products.

The brand offers all USA-made products like the Double Down Leather Belt with a screw closure. They state that the screw closure is the solution for a belt to stay stronger for years.

To avoid split and cracks, they keep a 1 ½ inch width of the cowhide (full-grain leather). And again!!! The Two-Prong buckle style is ideal for any casual or daily activity.


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-duty buckle


  • Not fully-rugged
  • Thin leather stretches

WOLF Full Grain Leather Belt for Men

While selecting the best belt for your waist, you should know that Italian leather belts are far stronger than USA-made belts because mostly they’re handmade.

That said, the Wolf full grain leather belt is clean for any defects such as fillers, splits, and bonding. It’s a 1.5″ top Real Solid cowhide that’ll stay forever.

You’ll see seven holes in the belt that fits almost all waist sizes, but it’s also available in ranges from XS to XXL. The belt heads of each of these items are removable. You can adjust the belt length according to the size of your waist.

Aside from the quality of Italian cowhide, the anaglyph style buckle makes this belt perfect for casual and party wear.


  • Italian hand made
  • 100% full-grain leather
  • Perfect gift for men (especially for husbands and boyfriends)


  • No defects found till now

Galante Genuine Full Grain Leather Belt

Last but not least, the Galante Genuine comes with the surety of 100% full-grain leather with a snap closure and vintage look. However, it doesn’t include a buckle, but you can get this robust belt for under $20 and purchase your favorite buckle to complete this piece.

The belt has a 1.5″ width, making it the top belt on our list. Lastly, you can select your perfect size from 4 different sizes and your desired color from 16 available colors. These colors also include a stamped design, which adds extra aesthetics to your life.


  • Stamped designs
  • Good Quality Snap System
  • Lightweight and extra wide


  • No buckle
  • Hard to find the perfect buckle


After reviewing all the best leather belts on the market, we conclude that every belt is a strong belt according to its price, but you should look for its material. A full grain belt, however, competes with top grain and so.

Similarly, if you still find it hard selecting the best full grain leather belt from this narrow list, let us help you.

According to our research and customer reviews, WOLFANT Full Grain Leather Belt for Men is by far the top quality product. If you don’t find it compatible with your dress, hover over other products and select the best from the rest.